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Your vision, mindset and capacity as a leader have a direct impact on your effectiveness to lead and get results.

  • Be strategic with an action plan that motivates and inspires.
  • Master a growth mindset critical for fueling self-awareness, innovation and agility.
  • Develop a coach approach to leadership that empowers your team and communicates trust in your team’s abilities.
  • Adopt wellness strategies that are easy to learn, build resilience, and create an oasis of calm in your day.

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Are you ready to master the skills you need to build internal resources and self-awareness to be resilient in any situation?

  • Learn the 6 phases of emotional resilience and master the skills you need to build internal resources and self-awareness to be resilient in any situation.
  • Step through the secret doorway and learn to release your judgement and reaction to challenging relationships and situations.
  • Take inspired action toward a compassionate workplace culture by changing the relationship with your automatic, habitual reactions to people, places and situations.
  • Learn to respond and communicate with compassion and create a powerful ripple effect at work and in your life.

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97% of executives believe lack of team alignment impacts outcomes. (Source: McKinsey)

Considering that engaged teams are 17% more productive (Source: Gallop), wouldn’t you want to maximize your team’s effectiveness?

Using a whole-brain neuroscience coach approach engages executive functions of structure, deliverables, and responsibility coupled with clarity of vision, emotional connection, and creativity for outstanding results.

Get neuroscience-based team coaching and training in these areas: 

  • Shared values and vision 
  • Bench strength 
  • Trust 
  • Clear communication 
  • Accountability

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Develop high-performance leaders

Develop and grow your pipeline of engaged high-performance leaders with the skills and confidence essential to navigating today’s constantly changing global landscape. This program is designed with both online training and facilitated group coaching for immediate implementation and impact. 

  • Create sustainable behaviour change to help your leaders step up and stand out.
  • Grow emerging leaders from high-potential technical and functional experts into leaders who stand out as qualified, influential leaders.
  • Invest in your managers as leaders for increased engagement and retention.

Find out more about how Inspired Leadership Global training programs can help you grow a channel of effective, confident, and skilled leaders for your organization.

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Ready to take your leadership to the next level?

Client Results

I always considered myself a pretty good manager and prided myself on treating my team in a consistent way. I realized after learning about the communication preferences that I was wrong! Each person needs a very different approach in order to unlock their unique value. I’ve been changing my approach to each person and seen a real impact and how my team respond.


Manager, Sybrin

April helped me to identify my long-term vision for my life and how I could step into the version of myself that I want to be.

Lori Pratt

Politician, Sunshine Coast Regional District

I was in a period of limbo where I was letting go of a longstanding goal and seeking another satisfying project to pursue. Through April’s expert guidance, I was able to narrow my focus toward projects that align with my personal strengths and innate values. The Values and superpower explorations helped me to confirm I was on the right path, to be patient in my limbo period and to know I would attract the right people and project when the time was right. April has a guidance style that challenges you to dig deep to identify the strengths and values that subconsciously you know you have but may not have brought forward to a conscious level.

Kim Darwin

Mortgage Broker, Bayfield Mortgage Professionals

When I first started working with April I was overwhelmed and stressed out at work. She gave me meditation and communication tools to help me set boundaries to move forward as a leader. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. April makes you think outside the box and feels great about yourself. I would definitely recommend April, she listens and cares about your personal growth and success.

Terna Daniel

Managing Director, Serendipity Child Care Centre

As a leader, you have the power of influence to make a positive impact on the world. The world needs more courageous leaders. That’s where you come in.

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