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Learn simple 3-step mindfulness practice business leaders and entrepreneurs are using to disrupt the thoughts that cause stress and rewire the brain for awareness, insight and clarity.

April shares with us a simple formula for meditation that our listeners can take and use right away.

Today on My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of talking with award-winning entrepreneur, certified professional coach, meditation and yoga teacher APRIL RIA QURESHI-DAVIDSON

During the call, April and I spent time looking back over her experiences with running her own business, how martial arts unknowingly set the scene for how she would maintain her focus later in life, and how a chance meeting led her to connect with a local teacher who inspired her to begin her own coaching and yogic program.

An important element to April’s approach is her 3-Step process to mindfulness that helps business leaders disrupt thoughts that cause stress, overwhelm and worry and rewire the brain for clarity, performance and wellbeing.

During this process, April disrupts any thoughts that cause stress and works at helping clients rewire their brains for improved self-awareness and growth.

What stood out for me was how April acts as your personal guide by shining her light on you to keep you moving forward. Not only is April there as your coach, she is also acting as an accountability partner who has your best interest in mind as you work through any physical and psychological blocks that you might experience as you move towards better health and well-being.

This was a wonderful call and one that I recommend that you tune into for the duration to uncover how yoga and meditation can help you both personally and professionally.

Meditation is the key to living

  • Meditation Introduction
  • 3 Minute Method
  • Belly Breathing
  • Negative experiences
  • The Adult Child Mind
  • Alpha brain waves

How April came to her Mediation Now

April found an escape power when she was a child when tense moments occurred in her home. Later as an adult, she studied Aikido, and while in the Dojo she experienced a calming effect due to the opening meditations prior to her lessons.  We had a wonderful conversation related to relaxation and methods to reach the relaxation state of being.

The ABC’s of Meditation – Guest Expert April Ria Qureshi-Davidson

The A-B-C’s of Meditation

Using an innovative approach combining the art and science of modern coaching and the ancient yogic teachings, April helps leaders develop internal mindset mastery leading to aligned action and massive transformation.

Learn to Cultivate Peace, Abundance and Relaxation in your Life. It’s EASY with Ultimate Guided Meditation Series… Get started in less than 10 minutes a day

The ABC of Mindfulness & the Power of Creating Relationship with Yourself

April Ria Qureshi-Davidson is an award-winning entrepreneur and meditation coach. April uses an innovative approach combining the art and science of coaching and the ancient yogic teachings to help busy professionals disrupt the thoughts that cause stress and rewire the brain for life mastery in 3 easy steps.

April is offering a complimentary 60-minute discovery call for busy professionals, like you, who want help making meditation a part of a daily lifestyle.



Learn how to turn off the monkey mind and create new grooves of emotional calm and mental clarity

What are meditation and the benefits? What are some of the myths of meditation? What happens to the brain when we meditate? Learn a simple formula for meditation that you can take and use right away with the 3 Habits of Mindful Meditation Practice

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