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Leader Lounge Community Podcast

Bridging the leadership gap between people and performance

With your host April Qureshi

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Welcome to the Leader Lounge Community Podcast, where we bridge the leadership gap between people and performance. Join me, April Qureshi, as I bring you insightful conversations with industry experts and thought leaders. In each episode, we explore topics such as effective communication during a crisis, the science and art of reading people, disrupting teams for resilience, virtual conversations revolutionizing work, successful change management, mindful leadership, copywriting secrets for engagement, and so much more. Tune in to gain valuable insights and tools to enhance your leadership skills. Let’s dive into the world of leadership together!

10 Joanna Piros: Communicating In A Crisis

In today’s episode with communications consultant and trainer, Joanna Piros, we’ll explore how a leader’s desire for...
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09 The Science and Art of Reading People

In today’s episode with Alan Stevens, we’ll explore the science and art of reading faces and...
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08 Deborah Connors: 5 Ways To Disrupt Your Team And Build Resilience

In this episode, we’ll learn from Deborah Connors of Well-Advised Consulting how teams can intentionally...
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07 Jennifer Britton: Remote and Virtual Conversations to Revolutionize Working with Your Team

In this episode, we’ll talk with Jennifer Britton and travel around the globe to learn about technological innovation in remote...
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06 Vicki Shillington: 3 Phases of Successful Change Management 

Navigating change during times of chaos can challenge even the most seasoned leaders. Fortunately, Vicki...
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05 Liam Gillen: A Mindful Approach To Leadership

“What you do speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying”~ Liam Gillen Rapid...
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04 Erin Whalen: #1 Copywriting Secret That Inspires Engagement

We’re dishing on the #1 secret to writing marketing copy that engages and inspires action:...
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03 Dr Patrick Williams – Getting Naked With Your Clothes On

Dr. Patrick Williams shares how to model and foster authentic leadership with vulnerability and without...
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02 Loretta Cella – Moving Through Trauma

A powerful discussion on how people experience trauma, how the world can redefine trauma and...
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01 Olivia McIvor: Kindness as a Resilience Tool  

In this first episode of Leader Lounge Community Podcast, my interview with Olivia McIvor reveals...
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