Do you feel like you’re working in a vacuum?

I often feel like this myself.

Even though before COVID I was a veteran of working from home as a coach and trusted advisor to high-performing entrepreneurs and executives, this feeling of isolation is amplified and my world seems smaller despite our ability to reach out and connect globally.

Lately, I have had to drag my butt out of my self-imposed pity party and purposefully get myself to my mastermind sessions.

I was on a call today with my social media marketing team and I heard a story that highlights an important reminder especially during this time of continual and constant change.

Our marketing lead, Gail Watson, shared a quote from one of her very good friends, Canadian Olympic gold medalist Michelle Cameron, who was quoted as saying:

“No one goes to the podium alone.”

Even the best of the best need a circle of support around them to reach their full potential.

Who can you call on to support you when you stall out on the uphill climb?

If you’re ready to stand out as a skilled and confident high-performance entrepreneur or executive and fast-track your growth while others are stalling out then book a free strategy session with me here.

​All my best,


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