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Leadership coaching strategies for optimizing performance, resilience and confidence in 2021, and beyond.

Discover critical insights to empower lasting behavioural change to take your leadership to the next level. 

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April has the unique ability to quickly connect with someone, hone in on the tiniest of threads and declutter your mind. She offers inspiration and discovery of what’s holding you back and can propel you forward. I highly recommend April! 

Angela Rae

Holistic Interior Designer, Angela Rae Holistic Interior Design

The time that I carved out of my schedule to work with April was a treasure, not only because April so gracefully made me feel seen, heard, and supported, but also because it was invaluable and dedicated time to study the forest instead of the trees. It is pretty special to meet someone who is a careful listener as well as a masterful questioner. But April brought one more piece: She is also a motivated changemaker. She wants me to be a better leader and brings motivation and urgency to our work, which feels like we’re working TOGETHER in the truest sense of the word.

Kelly Han

Executive Director, Hudson Out Of School Care Society

My time with April was extremely helpful in getting perspective and insights that added up to less stress. April pushed me past my comfort zone and opened the door to new possibilities. April helped me realize I have a choice to change my story. She is fantastic at objective listening and giving feedback without getting drawn into the drama. She’s got your back and she is definitely passionate about your success. I highly recommend April if you are looking to expand your vision in your personal or business life.

Kathy Henry

Residential Home Designer, K Henry Design Inc.

Get coaching strategies to take your leadership to the next level. 

Develop a compelling vision that attracts the right people and opportunities.

Master a growth mindset critical for fuelling self-awareness, innovation and agility.

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Grow a coach approach to leadership that empowers your team and communicates trust in your team’s abilities.

Adopt wellness strategies that are easy to learn, build resilience, and create an oasis of inner calm in your day.

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