Business & Lifestyle Coaching

For busy professionals who want growth and success in all areas of work and life

Get past your story to uncover what’s holding you back from creating a lifestyle that serves your mind, body, heart and soul

You’re overwhelmed with responsibilities of work and family, doing your best to squeeze in quality time with your partner and soulful me-time.

You know there is a better way, but you’re in a rut of repeating patterns, and you’re not sure how to dig yourself out.

Create positive grooves of growth and potential as you sift through layers of social conditioning, self-sabotaging habits and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you

Define your WHY with values, vision and mission in alignment with your passions

Be inspired to take action towards your goals and dreams 

Prioritize and manage time and energy levels to your advantage

Identify your best opportunities for personal and professional growth

Take your next best step with clear direction and focus

Close the gaps holding you back from knowing HOW to put your plan into action

Shift into a mindset of self-confidence and self-belief

Create relationships that support your success and let go of those that hold you back

Learn to love yourself first so that you can fully share your love with others

Notice WHO are you becoming as you walk the path of personal and professional transformation

Celebrate success in a caring and uplifting environment 

Why Now?

Procrastination is a habit.

Until you begin to shift your habits, you will continue to spiral in the same patterns over and over. Life moves on whether you’re in the driver’s seat or not.

Why not be the driver? 

Tap into an innovative experience curated just for you using tools and techniques from the modern art and science of coaching to the ancient yogic teachings while deepening and expanding your personal and professional growth mindset


  • One-on-one support, accountability, coaching and mentoring
  • Be listened to in a safe, inspiring and confidential space
  • A customized experience tailored to meet your needs
  • For the discerning professional who knows their desires and wants to peel back the subtle layers and distinctions veiled by a busy lifestyle
  • Receive feedback and insight to awaken self-awareness and shift into a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in relationships, work, community
  • Step onto the path of self-actualization in this lifetime



“I have accepted fear as part of life, specifically the fear of change. I have gone ahead despite the pounding in the heart that says: Turn back.”

Erica Jong

Since I started coaching with Ria, my whole career and life have changed. The first time I met Ria I was the “I don’t know” Girl. After a few meetings, I could see my life shifting. Ria helped me figure out my core values and what I wanted from my life and career. Looking back, I barely remember that person I was. I feel like a leader and I have control of my life. There’s no looking back.

Rachel Manley

REALTOR®, Royal LePage Susses