The quality of your decision-making is a direct result of the quality of your mindset. 

You cannot make an intelligent, informed decision when you’re stressed. Period. 

When we’re stressed, overworked and lacking proper sleep, energy reserves are directed toward fighting stress and away from our vital organs, which can cause brain fog. 

According to neuroscientist Shonté Jovan Taylor, our brains account for approximately 2% of our total body weight; by contrast, consuming 30% of our total energy reserves. 

I just wrapped up with a client who is a health professional. She’s young, smart and driven to succeed. She has all the potential to own the wellness space in her local area and be the go-to expert in her niche. 

Except for the fact that she’s carrying around low levels of constant stress from the overwhelm of being a woman entrepreneur, causing a lack of clarity, an inability to focus and get things done.  

It’s a catch 22. A repeating pattern of stress and inaction keeping her stuck in indecision. 

Her goals were to get organized, find balance and communicate important updates to her patients in a timely manner. 

We set to optimize her mindset for growth with peak performance strategies that would strengthen her internal awareness and build self-confidence for mental clarity, enhanced performance and emotional wellbeing. 

With a step-by-step strategic plan, she let go of the usual try to do it all at once and see what sticks method. She shifted out of the mindset of overwhelm and into a proactive approach to goal getting. 

We cast a clear vision of her future self and intentionally set out the milestones to connect her to her new identity as the go-to expert in her niche. 

We applied basic time management strategies. I gave my client the challenge of time blocking. When she saw on paper how she was spending her time, she realized the imbalance in her life/work/relationships. The insight was incredible! 

Suddenly, the unknown becomes known. We cannot fix what we are not aware of. 

Our emotions are part of the building blocks that fire up new habits to seal in new behaviours and re-pattern neuropathways in the brain. 

We built emotional awareness by connecting to the feelings associated with being a community leader, having a successful practice filled with her ideal clients and attracting business partnerships to help grow her buisness. We extracted her core values from the feelings and emotions that guide her focus, beliefs, motivation and action. 

The incredible results were in! 

  • Less stress 
  • Less overwhelm 
  • More time
  • More headspace
  • Alignment with ideal clients
  • Balance between work-rest-play
  • Confidence and excitement about accomplishing goals
  • Room for personal relationships 
  • 90-day business growth! 

My client walked away with strategies and tools that fuelled her high-performance lifestyle. She beat brain fog and poor decision-making with a shift in perspective toward a growth mindset. 

What strategies are you using to optimize your decision-making and overcome the energy drain of brain fog?