High-Performance Strategies for Women Leaders & Speakers

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Optimizing your high-performance lifestyle is what leaders do.

When anxiety runs high in your life or in the world, our performance can be affected. Whether you feel unclear about how to accelerate your business, want to create better relationships, or simply enhance your wellbeing and positivity, it’s time to look for solutions. You’ll need real solutions for creating a high-performance life. Not rah rah or someone to tell you how great you are. Though we love that too.

But to sustain a high-performance state you need to be willing to do some mental and emotional work as well as look at what needs optimizing in your business. Believe it or not, your high-performance life may need to start with a snap… from a hypnotherapist perhaps. Especially if you feel stuck or wish for a booster shot to get your act together.

Our featured Premier Member experts offer their advice that will help you make your greatest impact by being your best. Living a high-performance life is certainly achievable when you have great guidance. So jump into this video with our leaders who will help you overcome anxiety, enhance your relationships and accelerate your business to have a high-performance life.

This video features the following #womenleaders:

April Qureshi is a Peak Performance Coach

April Qureshi is a Peak Performance Coach. She helps growth-oriented entrepreneurs and executives develop a high-performance #mindset that strengthens internal awareness, maximizes output and focuses on growth for outstanding results.

Action Is The Antidote To Anxiety 

In this episode, I share strategies for energetically releasing worries and problems that are out of our sphere of influence and control and focus on taking action toward what we do have control and influence over–– ourselves and our reactions to people, situations and the world around us. 

April shares a tool for overcoming the overwhelm and anxiety of running a business, leading others and having a life called

The Sphere Of Influence And Control:

1. Write out all the worries or concerns within one of three spheres: 1) within my control, 2) within my sphere of influence, 3) out of my control.
2. Working with the first 2 spheres, ask what is one small action you can take, right now, to feel better about the concern? Action is the antidote to anxiety.
3. Encourage yourself to let go of all the concerns that are out of your control and that you have no influence over. Cross them off and energetically release them back to the Universe/God to deal with!
4. Notice how you feel about each concern now.”

Learn more about April at https://aprilqureshi.com/

Connect with April @CoachAprilRia

Melissa Conkling is a Certified Professional Hypnotist

She helps women who are struggling with weight loss to build healthier habits, regain confidence, and eliminate negative self-talk so they can achieve long-term success, feel at home in their bodies, and live an authentic and joyful life. Learn more about Melissa at http://www.connecticuthypnosis.com

Colleen Elaine is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist

She is passionate about helping overwhelmed and anxious entrepreneurs release any blocks, fears and/or false truths preventing them from living fully. Once they are set free from disempowering beliefs, they can live fully from their authentic truth. Learn more about Colleen at https://www.colleenelaine.com

Evie Hernandez is a Strategic Growth Speaker

She is passionate about helping business owners automate their online business so that they can accelerate their business. Learn more about Evie at http://SpeakersGrowthSummit.com

Kim Riley is a Midlife Transition Coach

She empowers women in their midlife years (40s to 60s) who are stuck in overwhelm and stress to discover their hearts’ desire, speak their truth and purpose, and have a greater impact in theirs and others’ lives…. and to do so without apology, in other words, without making excuses. Learn more about Kim at http://www.living-connection.com

Our WSA-TV Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Social Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist.

Follow her blog here: https://TransformToday.com