Try this series of powerful coaching questions to quickly find solutions and keep productivity on track next time your team tries to halt progress.

  1.  How can I help you? 

Empowers people to get clear about why they are standing in your doorway. Simply by bringing attention to the problem, you begin to see it in a different light.

  1.  What would be the best outcome right now? 

Get’s them thinking about what it is they want and future pace the possibilities. Seems simple but many people do not know what they want. Eliminating what’s not working opens up possibilities of what might work. You’re co-creating the experience with them rather than solving everyone’s problems. 

  1.  What are some of the possible ways you might get your desired outcome? 

A solution-focused brainstorming question that gets your team members thinking about all the ways they can get what they want. It pushes the edge and empowers people to think outside of the box while you actively listen and focus on verbal and non-verbal cues to fully understand what’s being said so that you can help guide them to the best solution.

  1.  What insights and awareness are you experiencing around this area of focus now that we explored the possible outcomes? 

Notice ideas, patterns, emotions and behaviours and mirror back what your team is saying that might challenge or support opportunities for growth and desired outcomes. There might be some discomfort at this stage when it comes to light that the answer may lie within, it might spark insight.

  1. What is/are your next step(s)?

Put the power of action and what it means to succeed in your team’s corner while offering accountability on your part. The action might be a further reflection of behaviours in order to get the desired outcome. It could be as simple as applying a technical best practice to get things moving in the right direction. Be the accountability partner your team needs you to be and follow up on your conversation.

Bonus! Follow up question

Keeping your team accountable puts the power of choice in their hands to direct how they want their experience of life and work to unfold. Ask, “What are you noticing since our last conversation?”

With the right questions, you can quickly empower your team to find solutions to their challenges, get back on track and focused on the goal. Add these powerful coaching questions to your leadership toolbox and watch team productivity grow.

Better questions make better people.

What are your favourite powerful questions? Share them in the comments below!