Recurring meetings, meeting without a clear plan and visual fatigue are dragging your team down. The novelty of video meetings is wearing thin and causing indifference. Leaders can lead with grace and create trust with their teams by thinking outside the box and engaging in different ways. 

The world is turned upside down right now, and so should your thinking be. As a leader and high-achiever, I learned the hard way that not everyone who works for me is as determined to operate at the same high-speed, high-output drive that I have. People need a break! Let’s give them some ways to balance productivity with well-being.

Try these three peak performance tactics that team leaders can use to reduce virtual fatigue and increase engagement with their teams. 

1. Give a pass. 

Be clear about why you’re meeting and who should attend. Create trust with your team by allowing your team members to decide whether or not attending the meeting is of benefit to their portfolio or not. 

2. Walk and talk. 

We process vast amounts of visual information on any given day. Give your eyes a break from the flatscreen glare, and take your meeting outside. Consider your cohort bubble rules and meet in small groups or talk over the phone. Being in nature stimulates the mind with an abundance of fresh oxygen, leading to increased creativity and innovation. 

3. Make meetings fun. 

Lately, I’ve had great success breaking up tension and fatigue with an injection of fun. At a natural pause in your meeting, invite your team to explore the entertaining diversion of video filter effects found in the background settings of Zoom. Laughter is good for the soul!

zoom video filter red beret
April in her home office sporting her favourite red beret using Zoom video filters

Eliminating virtual fatigue and increasing employee engagement is top of mind for CEOs and team leaders as we head into our 10th month of a worldwide pandemic. Coronavirus isn’t going away anytime soon. Be a leader that others want to follow. That means shifting from purely a productivity standpoint to one that incorporates blessings of well-being.

What might be some ways you can increase employee engagement in the virtual world?

What’s one thing you can let go of and approach with a different point of view?