Are you an emerging leader struggling with communication breakdown within your team?

You’re wondering how do I get my team to work together to trust each other so we can get the job done?

Instead, you’re always putting out fires and getting pulled off your centre. You’re thinking to yourself this job doesn’t come with a leadership handbook.

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My name is April Qureshi and I’m a high performance coach for courageous leaders. 

On Tuesday, August 31st I’m hosting a masterclass on the 3 essential coaching skills for emerging leaders. Join the masterclass by clicking here

We’re going to talk about 3 really important coaching skills that I use every day in my practice when coaching business leaders from around the world.

The 3 essential coaching skills topics I’m going to bring up are:

  1. Adopting a coaching presence and why that’s important in building rapport
  2. Active listening, how to listen to your team, both individually and as a team beyond the words that are being spoken
  3. How to align the team agreements with stakeholder agreements because it’s a partnership
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I’m inviting you to join me for this live masterclass on Tuesday, August 31 st at 8:30 am pacific (GMT -7) along with my colleague and my friend, Angela de Longchamps, from Inspired Leadership.

By the way, my name’s April Qureshi and, if you think that this could be of benefit to you go ahead and click the link below and register for this free masterclass coming up at the end of August.

And, why not bring a friend?

Because we’re going to solve some leadership challenges I’m going to share with you straight from my coaching handbook––the strategies and skills for you to show up as a confident and influential leader, for your team, yourself and your organization. 

If you have a colleague or a friend or maybe a boss or a manager who you think might benefit from this coaching skills masterclass for leaders then go ahead and share the link with them.

I hope you’ll join me and Angela on Tuesday, August 31 for the 3 essential coaching skills for emerging leaders. Join the masterclass by clicking here