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Shift your leadership narrative from doer to leader and optimize your behaviour to confidently influence performance.

April Qureshi
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April has a natural ability to listen and highlight my unique strengths that helped me become more organized, inspired, and motivated as an entrepreneur. She will challenge you and hold you accountable. April is an amazing business and life coach looking I look forward to working with her again as I continue to grow my local business!

Chanel Choquer, RMT, Sunshine Coast Registered Massage Therapy

“April helped me gain the confidence to work smarter resulting in less stress, more referrals and a partnership deal that doubled my income and freed up more of my time.”

Rachel Manley, REALTOR®, Sotheby’s International Realty Canada

Rachel Manley
Kim Darwin

April’s expert guidance challenged me to dig deep and narrow my focus toward projects that align with my personal strengths and innate values.”

Kim Darwin, Mortgage Broker, Bayfield Mortgage Professional

“I was overwhelmed and stressed out at work. April gave me the meditation and communication tools to help me set boundaries and move forward as a leader.”

Terna Daniel, Managing Director, Serendipity Child Care Centre

Terna Daniel
Lori Pratt

“April helped me to identify my long-term vision for my life and how I could step into the version of myself that I want to be.”

Lori Pratt, Politician, Sunshine Coast Regional District

April is a careful listener *as well as* a masterful questioner.  But April brought one more piece:  She is also a motivated changemaker.  April wants me to be a better leader and brings motivation and urgency to our work, working TOGETHER in the truest sense of the word.”

Kelly Han, Executive Director, Hudson Out of School Care Society

Rachel Manley

About April

April Qureshi is a leadership coach & trainer, award-winning entrepreneur, speaker & storyteller, best-selling co-author of four books and President of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Vancouver Chapter. April is designated Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from ICF and certified Resilience and Emotional Intelligence facilitator from with advanced training in yoga and meditation from the Amrit Institute, Florida. She is currently enrolled in Applied Neuroscience certification at The Neuroscience School, Montreal, and is a Master of Arts in Leadership degree candidate at Royal Roads University, Victoria. April is a 3rd-degree black belt in aikido, tennis player, Tough Mudder, and philanthropist. She loves spending time in nature and poking around in the garden.

MISSION Elevate our human experience.

VISION Elevating leaders with behavioural change for self-mastery and high performance through 1-1, group and team coaching. 

VALUES Commitment. Clarity. Trust. Integrity.

I work with COURAGEOUS LEADERSfrom entrepreneurs to executives, who are committed to optimizing their performance for self-mastery and professional growth.


April Qureshi

Great leaders focus on enabling others, helping people build confidence and aligning behaviours for a positive, lasting impact.


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