Are you an emerging leader ready to optimize your leadership performance?

Confidently let go over the overwhelm and stress of being a leader and get the proven peak performance leadership strategies that drive performance, engagement and resilience in your team environment.
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Are you a high-performance emerging leader with a powerful vision on the fast track to growth? Watch this ⬇︎⬇︎

Get leadership performance results that influence culture and positively affect your bottom line  


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Where do you want your leadership journey to go?


Grow Your Capacity to Lead Effectively

Pilot your success as a leader with a proven formula for aligning your leadership vision, values, and strengths into a roadmap for growth and success.


Develop High-Performance Teams

Let’s establish your bench strength and empower your team with a mindset of trust, communication and innovation.

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Strengthen Workplace Wellness

Stay ahead of a constantly changing business landscape with a culture of wellness, compassion, and resilience.

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Hire April to Speak

Optimize your leadership performance with insights from a peak performance coach and trainer who’s mastered the inner game for outer success in business and life. April is a dynamic, intuitive speaker and trainer who puts the client’s needs front and centre.

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Leadership Books

Get into the mindset of best-selling author, April Qureshi, as she shares her business success strategies for leadership and self-development. Co-author of Simple Success Strategies and The Successful Spirit. Watch for The Peak Performance Optimizer series, coming soon!

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Corporate Retreats

Your team works hard to get results. Now it’s time to show them their worth with bespoke getaways that balance purpose with play. Corporate retreats for leaders and high-performance teams are facilitated to offer a variety of activities, healthy meals and accommodation options.

 For growth-oriented business leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives who want to increase their leadership effectiveness using neuroscience coaching strategies for a positive bottom-line impact.

Map a compelling leadership vision that attracts people and opportunities critical to growth and innovation.

Consciously develop the leadership growth mindset necessary for you to drive high-performance teams. 

Strengthen emotional resilience and create a workplace culture of trust and compassion.

Optimize your leadership potential and reach your highest potential in business and life. 

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Happy Clients

The time that I carved out of my schedule to work with April was a treasure, not only because April so gracefully made me feel seen, heard, and supported, but also because it was invaluable and dedicated time to study the forest instead of the trees. It is pretty special to meet someone who is a careful listener as well as a masterful questioner. But April brought one more piece: She is also a motivated changemaker. She wants me to be a better leader and brings motivation and urgency to our work, which feels like we’re working TOGETHER in the truest sense of the word.

Kelly Han

Executive Director, Hudson Out Of School Care Society

My time with April was extremely helpful in getting perspective and insights that added up to less stress. April pushed me past my comfort zone and opened the door to new possibilities. April helped me realize I have a choice to change my story. She is fantastic at objective listening and giving feedback without getting drawn into drama. She’s got your back and she is definitely passionate about your success. I highly recommend April if you are looking to expand your vision in your personal or business life.

Kathy Henry

Residential Home Designer, K Henry Design Inc.

April Qureshi

Peak Performance Optimizer

A visionary leader and force of nature, April brings passion and fearless energy to everything she touches.

April’s clients appreciate her ability to gracefully empower and inspire incremental change without judgement for amplified mental clarity, enhanced performance and emotional well-being.

April champions leaders and teams with a neuroscience coach approach for insight that inspires.


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